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Hotel Cardano Malpensa
Via al Campo, 10
Cardano al Campo
21010 (VA) - Italy
Tel. +39 0331 261011
Fax +39 0331 730829
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+39 0331 261011
GPS Coodinates
Latitude: 37° 51' 13,83''
Longitude: 15° 17' 33,78''

Hotel Cardano: Wallpaper

Milan Landscapes and Surroundings

We introducing a new section on the web site for our guests and for you, curious online surfer. A beautiful desktop wallpaper series showing Hotel Cardano in Malpensa and surrounding landescapes of Milan.


We hope that you appreciate this initiative and feedback will be positive. We will strive to provide you images increasingly fascinating and constantly updated.


MIlan Hotel Cardano Wallpaper Screen resolution: 1024 x 768
File Size: 104 KB
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The first wallpaper  must be a picture of Hotel Cardano showcased in a more friendly and fancy side. We're sure that you'll like to remember your stay in Milan city keeping our gift on your desktop throughout the year.
And if you have not yet tasted our warm hospitality, is just a good opportunity to "meet" before your arrival...

MIlan Hotel Cardano Wallpaper Screen resolution: 1024 x 768
File Size: 103 KB
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Download Now!

Given the success with the publication of our first wallpaper, we propose to you dear customers, a new postcard series from "Milan and surroundings." So, also open the new summer season with a suggestive image from the banks of Lake Como. A fresh view that will stimulates your holiday's desire and placates the torrid heat of summer 2008. Enjoy now... :)

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